Signs that it’s Time to replace Air Filters!
15th Dec 2022

Time to replace Air Filters – An air filter is an important engine component that allows you to maintain your car’s performance by preventing hazardous items from entering the engine. These filters need to be cleaned from time to time so that they don’t get clogged and cause any damage to your vehicle’s engine. However, how can one know the exact time to replace Air Filters?

Well, there are a few signs that indicate filters require replacing:

Signs to replace your air filters:  

  • Discolored filter  

If your car filter looks darker than usual then it is a clear indication that it needs changing. A new and clean filter is either white or off-white in color but as it starts accumulating dirt it gets darker. It is one of the most accessible signs to spot, but to be more certain about it, you can contact a technician and get it checked professionally. 

  • Engine making noise 

Cars like any other machinery make a lot of noise most of them are harmless but there are a few noises that should worry you. If your engine starts to make coughing sounds it’s an indication that you need to change your vehicle’s air filters. Clogged air filters cause engine failure and hence resulting in your engine making spitting sounds. 

  • Low Performance 

The car will perform dully and won’t respond well if the engine is not in its right state. If you are familiar with your car you would notice it almost instantly. One of the reasons this could be caused might be blamed on damaged air filters that need to be replaced.

  • Engine light turned on

The “check engine” light could be triggered due to a variety of reasons. The carbon build-up caused by faulty air filters could trigger the light too. The only way to be certain of what’s causing the light to turn on is by going to a mechanic and getting it checked. 

  • Dark smoke 

If you see clouds of dark smoke rushing from your exhaust, it is probably an indication that your engine needs to be checked. The dark smoke is caused by the flawed burning of fuel due to inadequate oxygen. The unburned fuel sometimes also causes bits of sparks to come from the exhaust pipe.

How often do the filters require changing?

There is no set time to replace air filters. However, certain elements might give an estimation:

  • How often it is driven 

According to many experienced and well-researched technicians, you must replace your car’s filters every 30,000 miles.

  • Model of your vehicle

Every car is manufactured differently hence to get the most accurate estimated time go through the manual provided along with it.  

  • Conditions you drive in

If you are driving through a polluted area. Or somewhere with heavy traffic with lots of smoke and dust, chances are you will probably need to change them sooner. 


The air filters provide the engine with oxygen to keep the combustion process going. It prevents things like pollen, insects, dust, and any other litter to get in the engine. If the air filter is not kept in check it might cause major destruction. It’s better to have them checked and replaced from time to time rather than spending hefty amounts for the damage they might cause.