Air Suspension System

YOUPARTS’ s air suspension series effectively combines the main three types of accessories, they are air pumps, distribution valves and air shock-absorber in the suspension system.


01ECU evaluates the distance between vehicle body and the ground
02Reducing or increasing the gap between the chassis and the ground
03 Increasing the stability of the car body
  • Air Pumps
  • Distribution valves
  • Air shock-absorber

Cooling System

Fluid circulates in the pipes and passages in the engine. When the liquid flows through a hot engine, it absorbs heat and thereby reducing the temperature of the engine. And it flows to the radiator, which the heat in the liquid is dissipated into the air.


01German friction welding production process ensure auxiliary kettle and thermostat to achieve the ultimate in air tightness and pressure control.
02Better sealing performance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
03Japanese imported winding technology and imported chips to ensure that the products are more stable during use.
  • Water Pump & Radiator
  • Thermostat Housing
  • Coolant Expansion Tank
  • Hose & Electronic Fan


The clues and induction chips used in the YOUPARTS sensor series are imported from Germany, which makes each product more stable in resistance to resistance and radio wave interference, and has better sensing performance. In the production process, we have made corresponding improvements in combination with the advantages and disadvantages of major well-known brands. Make the vehicle safer and more reliable.


01The clues and induction chips are imported from Germany
02Stable in resistance and prevent from radio wave interference
03Better sensing performance
  • ABS Sensor
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor

Lighting System And Body Parts

YOUPARTS' supply factory of lighting system & body parts have injection molding machines ranging from 60 grams to 20kg and other special production lines. The factory has its own laboratory, light distribution room, automatic tension machine, cantilever beam impact testing machine, thermal deformation tester, hardness tester and many other sets of advanced automatic testing experimental equipment. Also, products have passed 3C certification and E-mark certification, which provides a guarantee for product quality. We have strong technical development capabilities and offer ODM & OEM, in order to meet your personalized requirements.


01Capability of production
02 Custom products (ODM&OEM)
03Quality Guarantee
  • Lamp
  • Bumper
  • Hood Bonnet

Rubber Seal Parts

Our seal products are with the same raw rubber material as the original parts, usually ACM or FKM rubber imported from Japan. We use different rubber raw materials and work on different proportions to fit different product location and environment. The same surface treatment process as the original German factory is used to make each sealing product.


01The hardness, as well as the resistance of high temperature, oil temperature and corrosion, are same as the original parts.
02Great anti-aging, lubrication degree and adhesive force.
03Perfect sealing performance
  • Escalator Sider roller conveyor chainchain
  • Heavy duty&high gradient escalator step chain
  • Moving walk pallet chain
  • No maintenance escalator step chain

New Energy Auto Parts

YOUPARTS established New Energy Vehicle Parts Supply Department to meet the supply of new energy vehicle accessories in the global aftermarket mainstream. The products of new energy vehicle accessories have passed the European CE certification and a number of European standard safety tests.


01Meet multiple vehicle models with different voltage requirements
02Fully functional products
03Man-machine exchange function
04Variety of charging methods
  • Electric Vehicle AC Quick Charger
  • European Standard (1 or 2 gun)
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