Get the Most Out of Your BMW with Air Suspension
14th Mar 2023

Air suspension is a suspension system that allows the suspension of a vehicle. It is also known as air ride suspension, air suspension, air ride suspension, air suspension system, air springs, air dampers, air damping system, air springs, or air dampers. The air suspension of a car lowers the vehicle to absorb bumps in the road and absorbs shocks from braking. This reduces the amount of energy transferred to the wheels and chassis through suspension travel and steering inputs. Most modern cars with air suspension are equipped with an electronically controlled system that has variable levels of compression and rebound control.

BMW’s Air Suspension Management System (ASMS) was introduced in 2001 on BMW 3 Series and has been featured on every model to follow since then. It’s easy to see why: ASMS offers drivers a smooth ride while still handling bumps with ease. And because it works based on your driving style and preferences, you can get more out of your car’s air suspension than ever before! Read more to find out how you can add Air Suspension Management For BMW to your BMW for better handling and performance.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My BMW?

Air suspension kits make it easier for you to upgrade your BMW suspension. These kits typically include KYB struts and shocks, adjustable double-bellow air springs, threaded-body monotube dampers, camber plates, and the best coil springs available. Air suspension is powered by an electrical air pump or compressor to supply pressurized air to absorb shocks and maintain the vehicle’s height. 

This makes it a more efficient way of absorbing road bumps and providing a smoother ride. However, there are issues with air struts that can lead to a variety of suspension problems, such as handling, chassis height, and even more expensive repairs if left unchecked. To ensure your BMW’s suspension is performing properly, it is vital that you regularly service the air suspension system and check all the components for wear and tear.

Air Compressor:

A BMW air suspension system utilizes an air compressor to provide pressurized air to absorb shocks from driving. This allows the suspension to stay comfortably level without making excessive use of the air springs, which can reduce a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and handling capabilities. Air suspensions are also adjustable and customizable for individual vehicles, allowing them to adjust for different weather conditions and road conditions.

The BMW X5 F15 Air Suspension Compressor Valve is a component of the BMW air suspension system. It releases air pressure to allow air suspension systems to function properly. If the air suspension is not functioning correctly, this valve could be the culprit, so it’s important to have it inspected by a professional who knows how to troubleshoot air suspension systems.

BMW Air Suspension Management:

Air suspension systems provide an easier, more versatile way to improve the handling of your BMW car. They are a popular choice for making the ride more comfortable and enjoyable, but they don’t come without their pros and cons.

Air suspension systems for BMWs offer increased handling, and a wider turning range, and are simpler to modify than spring systems.

Air suspension systems for BMWs have many advantages over traditional suspensions. They increase stability and cornering ability, make it more comfortable to drive, and are easier to tune.

However, air suspension systems for BMWs have their downsides as well. If not properly maintained or repaired, they can lead to damage to the vehicle’s handling and chassis height. Additionally, air suspensions can be expensive to repair or replace if they go wrong. As with any type of suspension system, minor problems with the air suspension can lead to bigger issues.

BMW Updating iDrive For All Current Models:

BMW has released a new air suspension compressor for their E-series model and it comes with a 2-year warranty. This compressor is designed to reduce the risk of compressor failure and ensure smooth ride quality. In addition, BMW’s Original Equipment and DIY solutions are available from Arnott and Bilstein. All BMW models from 2013 to 2018 are equipped with a Product Code 266701 and a Manufacturer Code BMW, which makes it easy to identify your vehicle’s air suspension system.

BMW recently released a wallpaper for their M2 build project on social media, showing off the sleek new supercar in its best light. Besides, the iDrive system is being updated for all current models to incorporate the latest technological advancements. Overall, this upgrade will help keep your vehicle in top shape and enjoy the smooth and comfortable ride that air suspension provides.

Compressor Systems:

Air suspension systems in BMWs use an electrical air pump or compressor to supply pressurized air to absorb the shocks of driving on the road. The compressor pumps pressurized air through the flexible airlines and into the rubber air springs, inflating them to the proper ride height.

As a result, the suspension system provides a smoother, more comfortable ride for the driver. Air suspensions are simpler to modify than spring systems, allowing for levels of smoothness or rigidity to be adjusted. This allows for a level of comfort for drivers that may be interested in engaging in different types of driving. Air suspensions are typically much better at carrying heavy loads while still providing a relaxed ride. They can also provide increased control over vehicle handling and stability when compared with steel spring systems.

Air suspension systems in BMWs have numerous major benefits over steel spring suspension systems, one of which is a wider turning range and no need for adjustments. Air suspensions are easier to install and service than traditional suspension systems, making them an ideal option for drivers looking for a high level of control and comfort on the road.

BMW Suspension Self-Leveling Unit Kit – Corteco 37211090631KT:

Ensure that your BMW suspension self-leveling units operate at their peak performance, it may require the use of a compressor system. These systems allow suspension self-leveling units to function properly by pumping air into rubber air springs. They are essential to ensure a smooth ride when driving over bumps or potholes in the road.

When replacing a BMW air suspension compressor, you may find components such as iD Select’s Air Suspension Compressor, Bilstein’s Air Suspension Compressor, or Westar’s Air Suspension Compressor. These compressor systems replace the air compressor and are designed specifically for the BMW suspension self-leveling unit.

In order to install an air suspension compressor system in your BMW, a mechanic will likely need to spend significant time installing the parts and connecting them to the vehicle. You must make sure that you thoroughly explain all of the required steps during installation so that it can be done correctly and quickly.