Youparts Radiator Hose for BMW E60 E61 E63 E64 OE 64216911000

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The YOUPART Radiator Hose is designed to work exclusively with your car's air-conditioning unit, which will greatly reduce the risk of leaks.

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Problems with the radiator hose are common in BMW models E60, E61, E63, and E64; this is especially true if you reside in a very cold region. This is a replacement for the item you first purchased, and although it is of a high quality, it is also rather pricey and difficult to find.

The BMW E60, E61, E63, and E64 all use the same radiator hose assembly. Although its name indicates otherwise, the YOUPART Radiator Hose is not designed to be used with the radiator of your car; rather, it is meant to be used with the air-conditioning unit that comes standard in your BMW.

This is because even if you have a leak or rupture in the hoses that make up this component of the system and have it fixed, it will leak again as soon as pressure is placed on them. This is due to the fact that pressure causes the hoses to expand and contract as it is applied.

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