youParts OEM 64216910758 Radiator Coolant Pipe For BMW E60 E63 E64 525i 530i 630i 650i

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Youparts radiator coolant pipe is a complete kit that takes just about an hour of your time to install. Save money and headache by purchasing a complete kit rather than the individual parts.

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This is the portion that you despise but like hating. It seems that BMWs are infamous for leaking coolant from the radiator coolant pipe. Nobody wants to disassemble their engine bay in order to replace something that can be purchased in a kit at a parts shop for a fraction of the price and takes just about an hour of their time.

The ability to start the engine from cold is essential for the BMW E60, E63, and E64. Our product is intended to be installed in place of the radiator’s factory-installed coolant pipe, and the replacement pipe will have a diameter of 4 inches.

We improved the cooling system that BMWs use thanks to our work. Because of our cooling system, you won’t need to worry about the condition of your vehicle and can instead concentrate on having fun while driving. When it is no longer necessary to add coolant from a bottle or remove coolant from the radiator, there will be a significant reduction in the amount of wear and tear on the various engine components.

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